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Big changes are coming!

Queen Beza has been a permanent fixture in my life for the last six years. Her story lives in my head most days and she has gotten two novels from me, with a third on the way.

I have struggled to find a way forward with this series but a pathway has possibly opened up! Although I have to be vague at this point, I can say my last ditch effort to find a publisher may have paid off. However, this opportunity has pushed me towards improvement and I know that Beza's story needs some fine-tuning in order to stay in the hands of readers.

For that reason (and others), Queen Immortal is currently unavailable for purchase. But don't worry, it will be back up soon enough, better than ever, with book two (Queen Forsaken) and three following close behind.

Make sure you are a subscriber to find out more about the future of The Queen Immortal Series.

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