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  • Kaci Morgan

Excerpt from Queen Forsaken

Queen Forsaken is the second part of The Queen Immortal Series written by Kaci Morgan.

(To read the first two chapters of Queen Forsaken, click here. )

In this novel, readers will be introduced to a new character, Elia of Vexia. I will let you decide what you think of her in the 3rd chapter of Queen Forsaken:

It had been three years since Elia and her men had been dropped off on the island, like a bird dropping its digested dinner onto a rock, and she had been brimming with revenge every day since.

She had a special rage inside of her for the man who did this, the man who sentenced her to exile in an ignominious way, forcing her to give birth to her child with no midwives or pain tinctures to be had.


He had destroyed her from the inside out.

Or so he thought.

Instead he had refined her, strengthened her, and given her a new idea.

She and her exiled men had plotted, planned, and failed in their attempts to make their way back to Vexia to seek vengeance on Rurik. In turn, they had shifted their focus to a new land. Elia was content with letting revenge fall by the wayside, at least momentarily, knowing that the new land would give her much more power than she could ever find on her home land.

She felt a gentle tap on her leg and looked down to see Metta at her feet. The child, her child, still so small at two and a half years, was not supposed to be here.

“Fenic?” Elia called for the man who was supposed to take charge of Metta.

“I am here, kona,” she heard a gritty voice call out. The big man, also called Fenic, burst into the hut. “Baby is a fast runner,” he said, breathing heavily.

“Don’t let it happen again,” she said, and brushed Metta’s hand off her leg.

The child was always trying to find her. Elia didn’t have time for such things. If she had remained on Vexia, she would have had five women to take care of Metta, and two wet-nurses to keep the child fed. As it was, she was the only woman on this island, and the child needed all nourishment from her.

“Forgive me, kona. I will find some coconut for her,” he said, his red face covered in sweat. He picked Metta up, a tiny doll in his large arms, and whisked her out of the hut.

“Men,” she said. “Can’t do anything without a woman.”

She could feel the heat of the day, a flush rising in her face, and then the sudden let-down that reminded her that Metta did, in fact, need to be nursed. But she continued addressing the group of men who surrounded her, feeling the milk roll down her stomach.

“Show me again, Leof,” Elia said, gesturing to the crumpled map that was sprawled out before her.

“This is our way in,” Leof said, running his finger over the west side of the land that was straight cliff. “I b-b-believe they call them the Fjer. They think them impassible. They think them a b-b-barrier.”

“But they are foolish,” Wulf added, chuckling under his breath.

“It’s as if we are being guided,” Elia said, thinking of how perfectly their plan had been falling into place, and how Vexia had prepared them for such a task. Cliffs were their playground growing up. All Vexians were versed in scaling rocks. Anybody who could not stand the test of the cliffs would surely die, leaving only the best to inhabit its lands.

Vexia had prepared her, then it had spat her out.


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