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Kaci recommends: What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore by Samantha J Rose

What can I say other than I LOVE THIS BOOK! Samantha Rose is a brilliant author with such a unique style of writing. This story, chock-full of lovable characters, is intriguing from beginning to end.

The branches of the river spoken of in the book are in my mind a parallel to the many different story lines that weave together throughout this novel in the most beautiful way.

I wish Isaac Moore was a real person! And never before did I think I’d care so much about a giant worm who loves to read!

A lot of high-fantasy novels can be done in poor taste and are simply unbelievable but this is NOT that book! I never felt that pull from reality that questioned what I was reading and I attribute that to Rose’s genius creativity, smooth descriptions, and oftentimes hilarious dialogue.

What Actually Happened to Isaac Moore will be among the books I’ll revisit time and time again. And I am already anxious to read the next book(s) Samantha Rose has up her sleeve.

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