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Kaci recommends: The Very Real World of Emily Adams

Remember those writing friends that I spoke of in a previous blog who came into my life and became an essential part of pushing my writing career forward? Well, guess what? One of them got picked up by a publisher and her book is set to come out this June! It is available for pre-order on Amazon (kindle/paperback) now!

But I am forgetting myself. Let me take a second to explain just how amazing this novel is. And I should know because Samantha and I have been exchanging chapters for years and I was so lucky to see this story go from first draft to polished manuscript.

Samantha has an amazing personal story and she has used those experiences in her life to create a believable story of a young girl who has hit rock bottom and feels the only way out is off the edge of a building.

Enter *Lipstick Rick*, a character so vibrant and so caring that when he (clad in a dress, mind you) meets Emily that day, he is able to pull her from her darkest hour.

With an air of edgy humor, and an abundance of mystery, this novel belongs in the hands of any person who sometimes blurs the lines between monsters and humans.

Go check it out ASAP!

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