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We melted!

Kate, Bonnie, Lori, Carly, and I (all members of UWW) set up our vendor tent at the Provo Farmer's Market on July 20, 2019. Ironically, we were next to a vendor who we were neighbors with at the Daybreak Farmer's Market a month prior! Small world!

From the get-go, this market was busy and hot! I believe the temperature got into the triple digits!

We met people from all walks of life, including (but not limited to) a famous author's assistant, a ghostwriter/editor, the nicest family from New York with a daughter who loves to read, a welder, several aspiring writers, the cutest little girl who also happens to be a fairy, a husband looking for a good read for his wife, a therapist, a Brazilian artist, a slew of temple goers dressed in their Sunday best, and several more people who were a genuine pleasure to chat with.

Overall, we considered the Provo Farmer's Market a success, and if our summer allows for it, we may just schedule another Saturday!

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